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Welcome To South Central Church of Christ


Vacation Bible School…TOTAL SUCCESS!!

A big thank you from us to you for joining us during our Vacation Bible School on last Monday - Wednesday! We had such a wonderful time with stellar attendance and participation! Thank you to our guests, visitors, members, parents, children, volunteers, sponsors, teachers and administrators for supporting this wonderful South Central event! If you were not able to attend, take a look at our "Picture Gallery" to view special and memorable moments/highlights. Thanks again and we hope to see you again very soon!!  

Wednesday Bible Classes Resume – Wed., July 19th

Wednesday Night Bible Classes will resume on this Wednesday, July 19th at 6:30 pm. After a much needed break planning and preparing for 2017's Vacation Bibble School, we are excited to reconvene, continuing our study "Lord, I need an attitude adjustment" and cannot wait to for you to join us as we study and grow in God’s Word.

Women's Circle - Thurs., July 20th

One of our most thrilling programs at SouthCentral involves women and ladies of all ages - interacting with each other. The members of this group discuss spiritual challenges and issues Christian women face in today's society. They enjoy activities throughout the year and currently meet at least twice a month. Please contact Sis. Lynn Bowdre for additional details and meeting times.

MENistry Breakfast - Sunday, July 23rd

The young and older men are such an important component in the success of our Men’s Ministry and they are committed to gathering at least monthly over breakfast prior to morning Praise & Worship service. We encourage and invite all males to our MENistry breakfast on Sunday, July 23, 2017 at 8:00 am. As we serve each other and eat a delicious breakfast, we discuss upcoming activities and events while brainstorming on how we can better serve our God; our brothers and sisters in Christ; and our communities! Come fellowship with us!! 

South Central - Celebrating 19 years!!

Each member is asked to give/donate $25 to help defray cost associated with our upcoming Anniversary.  This is over and above regular tithes/offerings.  Funds may be given to: Paula Loftin, Janet Jones, or Feleta Stewart; or by indicating your donation amount on your contribution card; and/or through PayPal on our website (www.sctyler.com). Please indicate “2017 Anniversary” to ensure funds are properly allocated.

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