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Welcome To South Central Church of Christ

...the online presence of The Church of Christ at SouthCentral in Tyler, Texas. We hope this will be an experience that shows you who our church family is and what we’re about. Our desire is that you will use this virtual visit as an invitation to literally visit us at our home at 3415 Frankston Highway. Please click a category to the left or any of the menu titles above and below to personally explore SouthCentral

South Central - Celebrating 19 years!!

Each member is asked to give/donate $25 to help defray cost associated with our upcoming Anniversary.  This is over and above regular tithes/offerings.  Funds may be given to: Paula Loftin, Janet Jones, or Feleta Stewart; or by indicating your donation amount on your contribution card; and/or through PayPal on our website (www.sctyler.com). Please indicate “2017 Anniversary” to ensure funds are properly allocated.

MENistry Breakfast - Sunday, August 27th

The young and older men are such an important component in the success of our Men’s Ministry and they are committed to gathering at least monthly over breakfast prior to morning Praise & Worship service. We encourage and invite all males to our MENistry breakfast on Sunday, August 27, 2017 at 8:15 am. As we serve each other and eat a delicious breakfast, we discuss upcoming activities and events while brainstorming on how we can better serve our God.

* * * *    NEW Bible Class Books!    * * * *

Join us on Sunday mornings for Sunday School and on Wednesday nights for Bible Classes. We will begin studies from two new books, taught by our Senior Pastor, Bro. Darryl B. Bowdre and our Associate Minister, Bro. Derren L. Smith. Get a sneak peek of the contents by clicking on the titles of the books listed below.

Please see Sister Paula Loftin to order and purchase by Sunday, September 3rd (there WILL NOT be additional orders):  

Sunday mornings, "Songs Sung in the Key of Life" ($6.00)

Wednesday nights, "The One Anothers" ($6.00)


  • Take a look at our "Photo Gallery" and view pictures from recent events and gatherings! 
  • Visit South Central's Youth CORE Store for snacks, drinks and other goodies!
  • Join in and support our 2017 Birthday Challenge! Thank God for your 'birthday years'
  • Support our Re-purpose/Pay-Go Project as we continue renovating our main building
  • Ushers and Youth CORE members and parents - please check the "Resources" library for schedules
  • Check out our "Media Library"- select the sermon of choice and use the "Contact Us" option below to request your personalized copy
  • Check out our "Weekly Wisdom" page! Be encouraged!

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