WVBC: Wednesday Virtual Bible Class


Sunday, 10:00 AM Worship & Praise - Wednesday, 6:30 PM mid-week bible study

December 02, 2020

6:30 PM


Our new Bible class has begun and we thank everyone who is “ZOOMING” in and participating – WVBC. That stands for Wednesday Virtual Bible Class is taught by pastor and is entitled, “Their problems and Ours.” It is a study of holding on in times of testing and trouble. We will learn together virtually by examining the lives of well-known and not-so-well-known characters of the Bible. We will discuss how THEY endured trying times. Our aim is to be encouraged to depend on and trust in God no matter what. Join us beginning September 2nd at 630pm. The class will be powered by ZOOM. If you want to be a part of this informative and inspiring class, email our Executive Director, Paula Loftin and ploftin@sctyler.com. She will send you a link to your device (phone, ipad, tablet, desktop computer, etc.) along with that, there will be a meeting ID number and a password. (This is one of the security measures we are taking) Once you enter the ID # and password, tap the link to enter the room. Don’t get frustrated. (We all do!) If you have trouble connecting, we will simply keep trying. We are all learning new things these days.

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