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Welcome To South Central Church of Christ

Introducing South Central's newest informational publication...Columns!

Click below to learn more about the Column while also gathering pertinent need-to-know information related to South Central!

Column I - October 7, 2018

Column II - October 14, 2018

Teacher's Meeting - Sunday, Oct. 14th 

Our teachers and those involved with education will meet on Sunday, September 9th. For additional information, questions, etc. please contact Bro. Darryl Bowdre and/or Bro. Rufus Thompson.

IC Unit Meeting - Sunday, Oct. 14th 
Our IC Units serve as a tool of edification and provide a great atmosphere for growth and motivation. Our goal is to have total participation in the i-care unit ministry as we strive to build stronger bonds between individual members of the group and between members of the congregation as a whole. Please consider this a personal invitation to join us after our 10:00 am morning worship services on Sunday, September 9th. Also, take a look at our unique ministries, created and designed with you in mind and project yourself in the areas and roles of your choice!
Women's Circle - Thursday, Oct. 18th
One of our most thrilling programs at SouthCentral involves women and ladies of all ages - interacting with each other. The members of this group discuss spiritual challenges and issues Christian women face in today's society. They enjoy activities throughout the year and currently meet at least twice a month. Please contact Sis. Lynn Bowdre for additional details and meeting times.

Youth C.O.R.E. Meeting - Sunday, Oct. 21st

SouthCentral's Youth C.O.R.E. (Centered On Rejoicing Eternally) is on a mission to challenge and nurture new and existing youth. At SouthCentral, we believe that our young men and women are the church of today, and as such are taught the word of God in classes on Wednesdays and Sundays, but are also given the responsibility of ministry. Join us Sunday, October 21st after morning worship as we meet to discuss and plan for future events for our youth! 

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