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Welcome To South Central Church of Christ

SC Classmate, Co-worker & Cousin Sunday!

To all of our special classmates, coworkers, cousins, friends and guests who joined us on last Sunday, thank you for spending God's day with South Central!!! What a wonderful, uplifting day of pure Praise and Worship! Pastor Ralph Caraway graced us with the Word and what a treat and blessing he was to South Central!!! Thank you again for joining us on last Sunday. We are hopeful that we will see you again, soon! Remember, you are ALWAYS welcomed at the Church of Christ at South Central!!

Total Praise Returns! - Wednesday, Dec. 12th & 19th 

Total Praise, the adult choir of SouthCentral Church is coming back as a ministry. We are calling on all former singers and members as well as any new voices who would care to join us. This was the very first ministry of SouthCentral Church of Christ back in 1998, and we want to complete the celebration of our 20th year anniversary by presenting it to the church and the community again. There is a list on the table in the south foyer. If you want to be a part, please sign your name on the list and if possible, indicate the part you sing. (Soprano, alto, tenor or bass) First rehearsals are tentatively set for the first three Wednesday nights in December at 6:30. For more information, see Pastor, who will also be the director.


Thank you for cooperating with the request to not bring food and snacks into the church sanctuary. We also ask that those with little ones please remember to place soiled diapers in the trash bin on the north parking lot, or to bring plastic bags to put them in and carry them with you to dispose of. SouthCentral does not employ a fulltime custodian to care for these matters, and we must all do our part to maintain and take care of our facilities.

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