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Welcome To South Central Church of Christ

 ...the online presence of The Church of Christ at SouthCentral in Tyler, Texas. We hope this will be an experience that shows you who our church family is and what we’re about. Our desire is that you will use this virtual visit as an invitation to literally visit us at our home at 3415 Frankston Highway. Please click a category to the left or any of the menu titles above and below to personally explore SouthCentral

IC Unit Meeting - Sunday, July 14th 

Our IC Units serve as a tool of edification and provide a great atmosphere for growth and motivation. Our goal is to have total participation in the i-care unit ministry as we strive to build stronger bonds between individual members of the group and between members of the congregation as a whole. Please consider this a personal invitation to join us after our 10:00 am morning worship services on Sunday, July 14th. Also, take a look at our unique ministries, created and designed with you in mind and project yourself in the areas and roles of your choice!

Wednesday Night Bible Classes Resume – This Wed., July 17th

Wednesday Night Bible Classes will resume on this Wednesday, July 17th at 6:30 pm. After a very successful Vacation Bible School week, we are excited to reconvene on Wednesdays and we cannot wait to for you to join us as we continue to study and grow in God’s Word.

"The Work Within" - Wednesday Evenings

Looking for a thorough guide to discovering God's truth in you? This study, comprised of 13 splendid, empowering lessons is a great place to start. The seasoned author has given us a thoughtful, well-designed, and practical, step-by-step approach to the serious study of not only His work within us but also His Holy Scripture. This carefully written and readable book provides helpful instruction for those who are just beginning to study the Bible on a regular basis as well as insightful ideas for more experienced students of Scripture. Heartily recommended!

South Central 21st Church Anniversary

Each member is asked to give/donate $25 to help defray cost associated with our upcoming Anniversary.  This is over and above regular tithes/offerings.  Funds may be given to: Paula Loftin, Janet Jones, or Feleta Stewart; or by indicating your donation amount on your contribution card; and/or through PayPal on our website (www.sctyler.com). Please indicate “2019 Anniversary” to ensure funds are properly allocated.

Youth C.O.R.E. Store - Now Open!

The Youth CORE store is open each Sunday and Wednesday following services.  Please stop by and purchase items from the Youth CORE Store. You'll find many items/snacks for sale with proceeds going towards associated costs with the upcoming Youth Xtravaganza and other youth-related projects.

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