Mission & Vision


Sunday, 10:00 AM Worship & Praise - Wednesday, 6:30 PM mid-week bible study


The Church of Christ at South Central is fully committed to seeing the Gospel spread throughout the world.


To provide a place and environment where one –  anyone – can worship and serve the Lord. Our aim is to practice non-denominational, New Testament Christianity, believing that the Word of God is the standard in religious doctrine.

We accept baptism, (immersion in the water) as the only way to enter Christ. This act, preceded by repentance and confession of faith in Christ makes one a Christian and welcome into our spiritual family. 


SouthCentral Church of Christ values offering God-spirited praise and worship. We’re always building upon our loving, diversified, family atmosphere. 

We foster spirit-guided Biblical teaching, taking pride in our fellowship and inclusiveness. We teach and promote Christ in our community by empowering individuals to reach their fullest potential on earth and eternal life in Heaven.

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