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Sunday, 10:00 AM Worship & Praise - Wednesday, 6:30 PM mid-week bible study



"I need you and you need me" 1 Corinthians 12:12-22

"These are those times" 1 Timothy 3:1


"The Church has left the building" Mark 16:15,16

ENDURANCE Series: "High Hopes in Hard Times"  Luke 21:10-19

ENDURANCE Series: "God Endures"  James 1:17

ENDURANCE Series: "It's a chain reaction"  Romans 5:1-5


"God has not forgotten about you"  2 Samuel 9:3-7

"When a lockdown becomes a breakout"  Acts 16:25, 26

"Please Jesus, Breathe on Us"  John 20:19-22

"When enough is enough" Revelation 2:8-12

JULY 2020

"Don't Come out too Early"  Genesis 8:13-16


"When Jesus shut the church down"  John 2:13-17

"A blessing in disguise"  I Samuel 30

JUNE 2020

A Pandemic of Prejudice: The People, the police and the president  James 2:1-10

The Quarantined Series: * pending

They Kill the Sons . Exodus 1:8-22

"The Point Of It All" . Matthew 15:29-39 (*) * pending

MAY 2020

The Quarantined Series: * pending

The Quarantined Series: "It Might Get Worse Before It Gets Better"  II Timothy 1:7 

The Quarantined Series: * pending

The Quarantined Series: "We Hope"  I Peter 3:15 

The Quarantined Series: * pending

APRIL 2020

The Quarantined Series: "A Hard Time Hallelujah"  2 Kings 6  

The Quarantined Series: "When It All runs Out" 2 Kings 7

The Quarantined Series: * pending

The Quarantined Series: "STAY IN THE HOUSE"  Joshua 2:17-21

MARCH 2020

"No Matter What" Daniel 6

He Ain't Talking About Me Series: "Watching for the Lord; Waiting for the Thief" Luke 12:37-39

"A Cry of Desperation...The Lord Will Deliver"  2 Timothy 3:1-9 (*)

"The Quarantined Series: "Keep Singing the Lord's Songs" Psalms 137:1 


Breaking Loose Series: "What Goes Around Comes Back Around...AND Around" Genesis 37:31-35

"I'm Coming Out Better Than I Went In"  John 5:1-9 . (*)  

"Are You Full Of It?"  Acts 5:14-16

"A Superlative Sacrifice" 2 Samuel 23:13-17


"A Prayer for the New Year" 1 Chronicles 4:9-10

Breaking Loose Series: "I Feel like Breaking loose" Genesis 27:39-4, Genesis 33

Breaking Loose Series: "Sleeping with an Illusion" Genesis 29:21-27

Breaking Loose Series: "I Surrender NOT Quite All" Hosea 12:3-5