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The Church of Christ at South Central has several ministries available to serve you and your family at every stage of life.

There’s something for everyone; we invite you to explore all we are and get connected.

Serves as a tool of edification and provide a great atmosphere for growth and motivation. Previously, the congregation was divided into 3 Care Groups with geographical location as the factor that determined which care group our members were in. Today, our members are part of two very unique; however, similar "i-Care Units" (ICU's): The Immovables and Inseparables. Our goal is to have total participation in the iCare ministry as we strive to build stronger bonds between individual members of the group and between members of the congregation as a whole. Our iCU's provide a wonderful atmosphere for personal growth, spiritual growth and motivation.
The ministry for children - ages 4-10 - that provides events, activities and interactive teaching. It strives to make the Bible exciting and real on the level of the smallest of children. It's a caring, creative and dynamic program built with kids in mind.
Christian education will always be an important part of SouthCentral's growth. Growth, whether individual or as a church, begins with education. We strive to provide an educational program to meet the spiritual needs of the diverse groups of the congregation. Our classes cater to all ages (from 0 years to adult) and members in various stages of Christian maturity.
The G.A.M.E.
(Girlfriends Anointed, Motivated and Excelling)

A ministry of women and teenage girls who come together to support and strengthen the bond among a group of goal oriented women through social and community involvement. 
SouthCentral has its very own media library that contains archived files of all worship services, musicals, celebrations, etc. The media/web ministry group produces and markets CDs of our services and maintains the church's website. CD's, videos, etc. are available upon request.
The young and older men are an important component in the success of our Men’s Ministry. Our younger men are exposed to fellowship, culture and the arts through one of our special programs within the MENistry group. This committed group of boys and men gather at least monthly over a virtual breakfast and weekly prior to morning Praise & Worship service. Once a quarter the men also gather to view a featured movie that focuses on leadership, courage, contentment, etc.

SouthCentral has a lead ensemble and other choruses that sing upon demand as well as represent the church at revivals and other functions. Our music ministry is constantly evolving, and rightfully so! The church family is taught new songs while improving/practicing songs we currently know. We sing accapella (without instruments), and the entire congregation is encouraged to "sing" (Ephesians 5:19).
Led by the pastor, this ministry is charged with teaching the gospel through home and/or personalized Bible classes to those who visit our services and anyone who desires a better knowledge and understanding of the Bible and the church.

Our Tech/Communications ministry group operates the projection system for services and some Bible classes. They create and provide the graphics that illustrate sermons and announcements, and are producers of the announcements that run on the screens throughout the buildings. They also produce and market CDs of our services and maintain the church website.

This group of men and women are among the first friendly group one encounters when entering a service. A kind, cohesive group, the ushers direct the flow of our audience, assist the minister logistically during service while assisting with meeting the needs of worshippers young and old alike. Their Christian and professional manner of working in the church helps set the tone for worship!

(Ladies Bible Class)
One of our most thrilling programs at SouthCentral involves women and ladies of all ages - interacting with each other. The members of this group discuss spiritual challenges and issues Christian women face in today's society. They enjoy activities throughout the year and currently meet at least twice a month. 

Youth C.O.R.E. 
(Centered On Rejoicing Eternally) 
Youth C.O.R.E. is our very active ministry for youth from middle school to high school. Our youth are instantly incorporated into the life of our church family. This ministry has an array of activities that help to develop young people spiritually, educationally and socially. We see our youth NOT as the church of tomorrow--but the church of right now!

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